Bob's Hike Library

02-E Green Hill Park Trails
02-E Lick Run Greenway, Best Part
02-E Mason Creek Greenway
02-E Murray Run Greenway
02-E Wolf Creek Greenway
02-M Roaring Run
02-M Trout Creek to Pickle Branch Shelter
02-M Falling Water Cascades

3 miles 2.49_ E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
03-E Daleville to Mountain Pass Rd.
03-E Daleville to Troutville
03-E Fenwick Mines
03-E Otter Creek Trail
03-E Tinker Creek Greenway
03-E Top of Brush Mt to Audie Murphy Memorial
03-M Bearwallow Gap to Little Cove Mt Trail
03-M Belfast Trail to Devil's Marble Yard
03-M Black Ridge Trail, BR Pkwy
03-M Carvins Cove Hi-Dee-Hoe/Four Gorges Trails
03-M Carvins Cove Hi-Dee-Hoe & Hotel Trails
03-M Catawba Valley Trail - North Mountain & back
03-M Fairystone State Park
03-M Harveys Knob to Bobletts Gap
03-M Mill Mountain - Woodthrush Trail
03-M Pickle Branch Shelter
03-M Rocky Knob/Black Ridge/Grassy Knoll
03-M Smart View Loop Trail (BRP)
03-M Sunset Field to Apple Orchard Falls

4 miles 3.49_ E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
04-E Carvins Cove Boat Launch to Cemetery
04-E Green Hill Park
04-E Lick Run Greenway Best Part
04-E Mason Creek Greenway
04-E Roanoke River Greenway, Wasena to 13th St.
04-E Roanoke River Greenway, Bridge St. to Wasena, O&B
04-E Roanoke River Greenway, Wasena to 13th St.
04-E Wolf Creek Greenway
04-M Boy Scout Loop
04-M Buffalo Mountain
04-M Carvins Cove Lakeside Trail
04-M Cascades
04-M Hoop Hole Lower Loop
04-M Jenny Knob to Lick Skillet Hollow
04-M Mill Mountain - Woodthrush, Ridgeline, Monument & Star trails
04-M Niday Shelter
04-M Poor Mountain Preserve
04-M Ribble Trail Dismal Falls
04-M Roanoke Mountain
04-M Roanoke River Greenway from Bridge St
04-M Sawtooth Ridge
04-M Spy Rock
04-M Stiles Falls
04-M Stony Creek (Rt 635) to Bailey Gap Shelter
04-M War Spur, Loop , Connector , Overlook Hike
04-M Cack Castle Creek
04-M Flat Top
04-M Harkening Hill
04-M Peaks of Otter - Flat Top
04-M Peaks of Otter - Harkening Hill
04-M Peaks of Otter - Sharp Top
04-M Sharp Top
04-S Fort Lewis Mountain
04-S Thunder Ridge Overlook to Sunset Fields Overlook

5 miles 4.49_ E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
05-E Dismal Falls
05-E MurrayRunGreenway
05-E MurrayRunGreenway-O&B
05-E Roanoke River Greenway-Rivers Edge to Grandin Village
05-E Roanoke River Greenway - Rotary to Edy
05-E Stewarts Knob
05-E Tinker Creek Greenway Hollins to Boat Launch
05-M Black Horse Gap to Bobblet's Gap Beginner's Hike
05-M Black Ridge Trail
05-M Bottom Creek Gorge
05-M North Mountain to Stone Coal Gap
05-M Chestnut Ridge Loop
05-M Cove Branch, Potts Arm Loop
05-M Falls Ridge Nature Preserve
05-M Fern Trail/Chestnut Ridge/Horse Trail
05-M James River Foot Bridge to Auto Bridge
05-M Kimberling Creek (Rt. 606) to Ribble Trail (South End)
05-M Lipes Branch Trail
05-M Mill Mountain Whole Greenway
05-M Mill Mountain Greenway and Trails
05-M Mill Mountain Ridgeline & Monument trails
05-M Mill Mountain Star, Watchtower, Greenway, Monument Loop
05-M Mill Mountain-Star-Watchtower-Greenway-Monument
05-M Mill Mountain Woodthrush, Ridgeline, Monument & Star Trails
05-M Poor Mountain Preserve
05-M Price Mountain - Sulphur Ridge Loop
05-M Read Mountain - Short
05-M Roanoke River & Tinker Creek Greenways
05-M Seven Mile Mountain
05-M Flat Top Mountain, Falling Water Cascades
05-S Dragon's Tooth
05-S Dragon's Tooth from 624

6 miles 5.49_ E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
06-E Chessie Nature Trail
06-E Lick Run Greenway, Valley View to Market & Back
06-E Murray Run Greenway
06-E Murray Run Greenway & Fishburn Park
06-E Murray Run Greenway, WVCC-Grandin Rd, O&B
06-E Roanoke Loop Urban Hike
06-E Roanoke River Greenway
06-E Roanoke River Greenway-13th St to Black Dog Salvage
06-E Roanoke River Greenway 13th St to Crystal Springs
06-E Roanoke River Greenway - 13th St to Vic Thomas
06-E RR-Greenway-13th-VicThomas
06-E RR-Greenway-TinkerCreek-RiversEdgePark
06-M Apple Orchard Falls & Cornelius Creek
06-M Bennett Spring- Brushy Mountains Loop
06-M Black Horse Gap to Salt Pond Rd Via 1930
06-M Carvins Cove-Hi-Dee-Ho/Hotel Trails
06-M Catawba Valley Trail
06-M Crabtree Falls
06-M Grassy Hill Nature Preserve
06-M Jennings Creek to Bryant Ridge Shelter
06-M Lipes Branch Trail
06-M Mill Mountain Loop
06-M Onion Mointain
06-M Poverty Creek-Jacob's Ladder-Horse Nettle Trails
06-M Ribble Trail to Kimberling Creek (RT 606) 113-Mile Hike #13
06-M Rocky Gap (Rt. 601) to Sinking Creek (Rt. 42)
06-M Sawtooth Ridge & Sandstone Ridge
06-M Spec Mines Trail
06-M Wind Rock to War Spur (Rt 613)
06-M Old Hotel Trail/Cole Mountain-Loop
06-S Forge Mountain

7 miles 6.49_ E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
07-E Roanoke River Greenway West, Bridge Street to Crystal Spring
07-E Roanoke River Greenway, Rotary Park to Riverside Park
07-M Black Horse Gap to Curry Gap 113 Mile Hike #1 (AT)
07-M Carvins Cove Trough-Gauntlet Loop
07-M Curry Gap to Fullhardt
07-M Daleville to Troutville
07-M Elk Garden & Whitetop Mountain
07-M Fairystone State Park Trails
07-M Grassy Hill Natural Area Preserve
07-M Hoop Hole Upper Loop
07-M Lick Run Greenway, O&B
07-M Mountain Lake Loop
07-M Old Rag Mountain
07-M Petites Gap to Sunset Field via the AT
07-M Petites Gap to Sunset Field via AT and Horse Trail
07-M Sinking Creek to John's Creek
07-M Stony Creek to Bailey Gap Shelter
07-M Sulphur Ridge Loop Plus
07-M Sunset Field to Petites Gap
07-M Thunder Ridge to Cornelius Creek shelter
07-M Tinker Cliffs
07-M Troutville to Fullhardt Knob
07-M Route 611 to U.S. Route 52 (AT)
07-M War Spur Trail/A.T. Loop
07-M Ferrier - Lick Branch Loop
07-M Ferrier Trail
07-M Mount Pleasant - Henry Lanum Loop
07-S Mill Creek, Pearis Mountain
07-S Saint Mary's Wilderness: Cellar Mountain/Cold Spring Trail Loop
07-X Black Horse Gap to Curry Gap by Old AT

8 miles 7.49_ E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
08-E Pandapas Pond Area
08-E Roanoke River Greenway, Piedmont Park to Grandin Village
08-M Potts & Peters Mountaind, 2 hikes for the price of 1
08-M Bearwallow Gap to Black Horse Gap
08-M Black Horse Gap to Bearwallow Gap
08-M Cahas Mountain
08-M Campbell Shelter via Fire Road
08-M Cascades & Barney's Wall
08-M Cascades and Barney's Wall
08-M Arcadia, Cove and Little Cove mountains circuit
08-M Cove Mountain and Little Cove Mountain Circuit
08-M Cove Mountain Loop
08-M Garden Mountain - Chestnut Knob Shelter
08-M Hay Rock
08-M Hungry Mother Lake loop & Molly's Knob Vistas
08-M Hungry Mother State Park
08-M James River Face Loop
08-M Johns Creek (Rt 632) to Sinking Creek (Rt 630) 113 Mile Hike #9
08-M Longdale North Mountain
08-M Massie Gap to Elk Garden (Rt. 600)
08-M McAfee Knob
08-M Mill Creek Trail to Angel's Rest
08-M Montebello Fish Hatchery to Crabtree Falls
08-M Mount Rogers
08-M North Mountain, the one in Allegheny County
08-M Patterson Mountain
08-M Rawies Rest, Dragon's Tooth & Cove Mt
08-M Read Mountain - Long
08-M Ribble Trail, Kimberling Creek & Dismal Falls
08-M Saddle Gap - Saltlog Gap Loop
08-M Sinking Creek to Continental Divide and back
08-M Sprouts Run and Wilson Mountain Loop
08-M War Spur to Wind Rock on AT
08-M Peaks of Otter - Sharp Top & Flat Top
08-M Sharp Top & Flat Top
08-S Brush Mountain & Audie Murphy - 113-Mile Hike #7
08-S Cove Mountain & Dragon's -113 Mile Hike #6
08-S Devil's Marbleyard Circuit
08-S Grayson highlands
08-X Green Hill Rockbridge

9 miles 09 E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
09-M AT Rt-611 to Rt-52
09-M Black Horse Gap to Bearwallow Gap (AT)
09-M Broad Run Mountain - Lick Branch Loop
09-M Buchanan Trail/AT/Glenwood Horse Trail Loop
09-M Crabtree Falls, the Priest & Spy Rock
09-M Dichey Gap to Fox Creek
09-M Fuller Rocks, Big Rocky Row - Easy Way
09-M Garden Mountain, VA-623 to VA-614
09-M Glenwood Horse Trail/AT/Sulphur Spring Loop
09-M Glenwood Horse Trail to Bearwallow Gap
09-M James River Face Wilderness Hike
09-M John's Creek Mountain North
09-M Lee Hollow to Sarver's Cabin Trail
09-M Lee Hollow to Trout Creek
09-M Lickskillet Hollow (Rt 608) to Jenny Knob (Rt 611)113 Mile Hike #1
09-M Massie Gap Circuit Hike
09-M Montabello Fish Hatchery to the Tye River, Spy Rock & the Priest
09-M Potts Arm - Cove Branch Loop
09-M Rich Valley (Rt. 42) to Great Valley (Rt. 11
09-M Saltlog Gap to Montebello Fish Hatchery
09-M Sawtooth Ridge & Rawies's Rest 113-Mile Hike # 5
09-M Spec Mines Lollpop
09-M Terrapin Mountain-Reed's Creek Loop
09-M White Rock Tower Trail
09-S Curry Gap to Daleville 113-Mile Hike #2
09-S Dody Ridge
09-S Elliott Knob
09-S Goshen Pass - Jump Rock Loop
09-S Huckleberry Ridge Loop
09-S North Creek Loop
09-S Saint Mary's River

10 miles 10 E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
10-E Roanoke River Greenway - 13th St to Wasena
10-M Arcadia-Cove Mountain, Buchanan Trail, Glenwood Horse Trail & Little Cove Mountain
10-M Arcadia- Cove Mountain, Cove Creek Basin
10-M Belfast Trail, AT, Sulphur Spring Trail Circuit
10-M Carvins Cove
10-M CarvinsCove-Rattlin Run - AT - Sawmill Branch Loop
10-M Crabtree Falls & The Priest, two options
10-M Crabtree Falls, the Priest to Tye River
10-M Curry Creek Trail to Toutville US-11
10-M Curry Gap to Daleville 113-Mile Hike #2
10-M Falling Water Cascades, Flat Top Mountain, Harkening Hills Trails
10-M Fuller Rocks, Big Rocky Row
10-M Fuller Rocks, Big Rocky Row - Easy Way
10-M Hanging Rock State Park
10-M Harveys Knob-Bearwallow Gap
10-M Harvey's Knob to Jennings Creek
10-M Jenny Knob (Rt.611) to Kimberling Creek (Rt. 606)
10-M Kimberling Creek (Rt 606) - Jenny Knob (Rt 611) 113-Mile Hike #14
10-M Mountain Lake Trails
10-M Patterson and Price Mountains
10-M Petites Gap-Hunting Creek Loop
10-M Punchbowl to Long Mountain Wayside (AT
10-M Ribble Trail/A.T. Loop, 113-Mile Hike #12
10-M Ribble Trail to Lickskillet Hollow
10-M Rt 641 to Rice Fields Shelter and Back
10-M Sinking Creek to Lee Hollow, 113 Mile Hike #8
10-M Sinking Creek Valley to John's Creek Mtn Trail
10-M Sprouts Run - Pine Mountain Loop
10-M Terrapin Mountain
10-M Torry Ridge-Sherando Lake-White Rock Falls Loop
10-M Mountain Lake Combinations
10-S Anthony Knob Loop
10-S Apple Orchard Mt, Flat Top & Falling Water Cascades
10-S Big Horse Gap-Ribble Trail Loop
10-S Cove Mountain/Cove Creek Basin
10-S Fuller Rocks, Big Rocky Row
10-S Big & Little House Mountains
10-S Little and Big House Mountains
10-S Petites Gap to the James River
10-S Rough Mountain Wilderness
10-S Douthat State Park - East
10-X Broad Run Mountain Loop

11 miles 11 E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
11-M Andy Layne Trailhead to Daleville
11-M Apple Orchard Mountain Loop
11-M Carvins Cove Songbird, Arrowhead, Sawmill, Happy Valley, Riley'sLoop, Enchanted Forrest & Comet
11-M Carvin's Cove Trails, 11 miles
11-M Cascades to Butt Mountain
11-M Catawba Valley Trail-Stone Coal Gap-Lick Branch Trail
11-M Daleville to the Andy Layne Trailhead
11-M Dickerson Gap VA-635 to Symms Gap
11-M Falling Water Cascades to Visitor Center
11-M Floyde Mountain - Glenwood Horse Trail
11-M Garden Mountain - Poor Valley
11-M Montebello Fish Hatchery to Tye River
11-M John's Creek to Wind Rock
11-M Longdale North Mountain Trail
11-M Mount Rogers
11-M Patterson Creek
11-M Punchbowl (BRP) to James River (Rt 501)
11-M Punchbowk to Long Mountain Wayside
11-M Three Ridges, Reeds Gap (BRP) to Tye River (Rt. 56)
11-M Salt Log Gap & Mount Pleasant Lollypop Loop
11-M Saltlog Gap to Long Mountain Wayside
11-M Salt Log Gap to Sheeley/Woodworth Shelter
11-M Smith Mountain Lake State Park Trails
11-M Spec Mines Trail Circuit via Blackhorse Gap
11-M Still House Branch to Rice Fields
11-M Sugar Run Gap to New River (Rt 460)
11-M Old Hotel Trail - Tar Jacket Ridge - Cole Mtn Loop
11-S Bearwallow Gap Loop
11-S Little & Big Devil Stairs
11-S North Mountain - Grouse & Deer Trail Loop
11-S Punchbowl to the James River, Your Father's Way
11-S Rock Castle Gorge
11-S Douthat State Park - West
11-S Saint Mary's Wilderness, Upper Loop

12 miles 12 E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
12-M Catawba Valley Tr. (Rt. 779) - Stone Coal Gap (SR 748)
12-M Arcadia-CoveMt-LittleCoveMtLollypop
12-M Black Horse Gap/Curry Creek Lollipop Hike
12-M Black Horse Gap to Troutville (Route 11), 113 Mile Hikes #1 & 2 (AT)
12-M Cove & Little Cove Mountains plus
12-M Curry Creek Loop
12-M Floyd Field to McFalls Creek - Glenwood Horse Tr
12-M Hanging Rock State Park
12-M Mount Rogers Headquarters to Groseclose
12-M Salt Log Gap to Crabtree Meadows
12-M Whetstone Ridge
12-M Flat Top, Sharp Top & Harkening Hill
12-M Peaks of Otter - Flat Top, Sharp Top & Harkening Hill
12-S Explore Park Trails
12-S Apple Orchard Falls-Glenwood Horse-AT-Cornelius Creek Trails Circuit
12-S Balcony Falls -Gunther Ridge
12-S Big Horse Gap to New River US-460 113-Mile Hike #11
12-S Ferrier - Lick Branch Lollipop
12-S Catawba Vally Trail, North Mountain to VA-311 near Dragon's Tooth
12-S North Mountain to VA-311

13 miles 13 E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
13-M Andy Layne Trailhead, Tinker Cliffs, and to Daleville
13-M Daleville to Tinker Cliffs and the Andy Layne Trailhead
13-M Big Horse Gap to Kimberling Creek (Rt 606) 113-Mile Hikes #12 & #13
13-M Big Horse Gap to the New river
13-M Cornelius Creek Trail, AT, Glenwood Horse Trail, Apple Orchard Falls Trai
13-M Cove Mountain/Little Cove Mountain Loop
13-M McAfee & Tinker Cliffs 113-Mile Hike #4
13-M Pine Swamp to John's Creek
13-M Mount Pleasant - Cole Mountain Figure 8
13-S Bluff City to Rice Field
13-S Half Marathon Training Hike
13-S Sawtooth, Dragons Tooth & Cove Mountain 113-Mile Hikes #5 & #6

more than 15 miles 14 E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
14-M AT I-81 to VA-42
14-M Black Horse Gap to Daleville 113-Hikes # 1 & 2
14-M Jackson River Trail
14-M Sugar Run Gap to Kimberling Creek Rt.606)
14-M Wind Rock to Sinking Creek (Rt 630) (AT)
14-M Mau Har Trail and Three Ridges Loop
14-M Three Ridges - Mau Har
14-S North Mountain Trail
15-M Bobblets Gap, Glenwood Horse Trail, Black Horse Gap Circuit
15-M Garden Mountain (Rt 623) to Brushy Mountain (Rt 52)
15-M Lee Hollow to Dragon's Tooth
15-M Rockfish Gap (I64) to Dripping Rock (BRP)
15-M Wind Rock (Rt. 613) to Pine Swamp Shelter & return
15-M Allegheney Trail, two options
15-S Brushy Mountain (Rt 16) to Dickey Gap (Rt 16)
16-M Montebello Fish Hatchery to Long Mountain (Rt. 60)
16-M Ribble Trail to the New River
16-S Brush Mountain & Dragon's Tooth, 113 Mile Hikes #6 & #7
16-S Patterson and Price Mountains
17-M Garden Mountain Rich Valley
17-M Hog Camp Gap to Punchbowl (BRP)
17-M U S 58 to Damascus (AT)
17-M Allegheney Trail to Pine Swamp
17-S Fox Creek (Rt 603) to Elk Garden (Rt 600)
19-M McAfee Knob, Tinker Cliffs & Hay Rock 113-Mile Hikes #3 & #4

2 miles 2 E=Easy, M=Moderate, S=Steep, X=Extreme
20-M Bearwallow Gap (Rt 43) to Troutville (Rt 11)
20-M Pine Swamp to the New River
21-S Sawtooth Cove & Brush Mountains 113-Mile Hikes #5, #6 & #7
22-M Cornelius Creek Trail to Jennings Creek
22-M Cove Mtn. and Little Cove Mtn. Circuit
22-M Cove Mountain/Buchanan Trail/Horse Trail Loop
22-M McAfee Knob, Tinker Cliffs, & North Mountain 113-Mile Hike #4
23-M Bobblets Gap-Hammond Hollow Loop
Virginia Western Highlands Trails