Fuller Rocks, Big Rocky Row Easy Way

10.23 miles, moderate terrain
39 miles from Roanoke, $3.00 carpool fee

7.5 or 10 miles, moderate terrain
We will hike to the intersection with the AT and to Fullers Rock using Little Rocky Row Run. This eliminates the steep uphill on the AT from the footbridge. Hikers will then be given a choice on continuing up steeply north on the AT to Big Rocky Row or descending the AT south down to the footbridge. Those continuing on north will descend Saddle Gap trail down to Hercules Road. A short car drop will eliminate any road walking. Great views along the trail include Glasgow to the northwest, the James River below to the south and the James Face Wilderness to the southeast.

The hike begins alongside beautiful Rocky Row Run. Then, after crossing Hercules Road, the unrelenting climb begins: 2800 vertical feet in 3 miles

This hike will start on the AT crossing on Hercules Road.  The hike goes through an old slate mine and follows an old roadway that offers very good views. The trail connects with the AT and then we would hike south back toward the James River. The trail will cross Rocky Row and Fullers Rocks, both of which have magnificent views of the James River and the surrounding mountains. The trail will descend back to Hercules Road passing an AT shelter along the way.