Sawtooth Ridge to Dragonís Tooth Parking 113-Mile Hike #5

8.9 or 10.9 miles, moderate terrain
6 miles from Roanoke, 4-mile shuttle, $.50 carpool fee

The hike begins at the McAfee parking lot and goes south on the AT away from McAfee. The many humps of Catawba Mountain are called Sawtooth Ridge. The AT drops down to the open fields of Becknerís Gap. Between VA-785 and VA-624, the trail crosses Sandstone Ridge. Beyond 624 the trail heads uphill, passin the Boy Scout Trail. It then reaches Rawieís Rest, a knife-like rocky outcrop, with good views. Continue on to Lost Spectacles Gap, where a blue-blazed trail on right leads down to the Dragonís Tooth parking lot. At this point you can choose whether to continue up the AT and visit Dragonís Tooth for 2 bonus miles before descending to the Dragons Tooth Parking Lot.