This Hike

Cove Mountain & Dragons Tooth 113-Mile Hike #6 7 or 8 miles, moderate terrain terrain
9.5 miles from the Orange Market & 7-mile shuttle, $2.00 carpool fee

From the Trout-Creek AT trailhead on VA-620 to the Dragon's-Tooth parking lot or the AT trailhead on VA-624. After crossing Trout Creek, we will ascend through a fire recovery area, pass by the Pickle Branch shelter, and ascend to the ridge, which we will follow around the crescent-shaped top of Cove Mountain to Dragon's Tooth with its great views and rock-scrambling opportunities. We will descend on the AT and have three options:1. We can leave the AT at Lost Spectacle's Gap on the Blue Blaze to the Dragon's Tooth parking lot. 2. We can continie over Rawies Rest for more nice rocks and leave the AT at the Boy Scout tail, taking the yellow Blaze back to the Blue Blaze and the Dragon's Tooth lot, 3. We can complete 113-Mike Hike #6 finish at the VA-624 trailhead

In order to complete hikes #5 & #6, sometime you most walk the Rawies Rest section from VA-624 to Lost Spectacle's gap, the intersaction of the AT and the blue-blaze from the Dragon's Tooth Parking Lot.