Hanging Rock State Park

12 miles, moderate terrain
70 miles from Christiansburg, $7.00 carpool fee

This hike will begin at the overlook at Harvey's Knob off the Blue Ridge Parkway. We will follow the AT north to the junction with the Little Cove Mountain Trail. We will then descend the Little Cove Mountain Trail to Jennings Creek. If we hit the date just right, this hike will offer many wildflowers, including rhododendron and mountain laurel. We should have good views at Parkway crossings. The car shuttle will be about 20 minutes.The carpool for this hike will leave from Christiansburg. A beautiful state park in the western part of North Carolina. On our 12-mile loop hike we will visit a fire tower on Moore's Knob plus outstanding overlooks on Balanced Rock, Cook's Wall, House Rock, and Wolf Rock. Toward the end of our hike we'll visit the park's namesake Hanging Rock. Up and over several mountains we'll experience extended stretches of uphill climbs followed by extended stretches of downhill hiking. In the park there are also several short hikes (.5 miles or less) to waterfalls that we can hike if anyone is interested after the 12 miles.