Mountain Lake Trails

There is a large collection of small trails here that can be connected into almost any length and terrain that you like.

50 miles from Orange Market, $5.00 carpoolf fee.
115 hotel Circle, Pembroke, VA 24136

_ Mountain Lake Conservancy Maps

1* = Easier 5* = Challenging
A. Bald Knob Tr 4* 0.5 mi. Elev. gain 375'. A short but steep and direct trail to the highest point on the mountain and most expansive overlook at 4,365'. Red blaze.

B. Upper Jungle Tr 3* 0.9 mi. Elev. change 300'. Sloping down to White Pine Rd., this trail cuts through forests of fern, azalea, striped maple and oak. Blue blaze.

C. Upper Doe Run 2* 1 mi. Elev. change 240'. A mellow, forested trail that also wanders near the spray fields for the lodge's grey water redistribution. Red blaze.

D. Golf Course Rd 3* 1.2 mi. Elev. change 220'. A wide but rough, gravel road leading up to the old golf course meadow, club house ruin, overlook and the disc golf course. No blaze.

E. White Dot Tr 4* 1.6 mi. Elev. change 420', steep incline and decline. From the Old Golf Course overlook, follow the tree line to take the left turn on to this challenging trail. White blaze.

F. Lower Doe Run 3* 0.9 mi. Elev. change 370'. Remote trail leading down to White Pine Rd. with fun switchbacks through hardwood forest. Red blaze.

G. White Pine Rd 2* 1.0 mi. Elev. change 380'. A gradual slope on a wide and mostly gravel road following along Pond Drain stream. No blaze.

H. Middle Jungle Tr 3* 1.2 mi. Elev. Change180'. A forested trail with a mostly gentle slope and some rock. Leads down to a bridge crossing Pond Drain stream. Blue blaze.

I. Indian Tr 4* 1.5 mi. NO BIKES! A scenic loop around the lakebed takes the hiker over rock and root, through rhododendron, ancient hemlock and majestic boulders. Red blaze.

J. Lower Jungle Tr 1* 1 mi. One of the few "flat" trails, this wide, gravel path is ideal for beginners. Be aware that the tractor-pulled wagon ride also travels this path on occasion. The fitness trail is also along this path. No blaze along gravel, turns left before Salt Pond Stables to single track trail blazed blue.

K. Old Turnpike 2* 0.9 mi. Elev. change 75'. Encounter rock, grass and gentle slope along the original route 613 Turnpike. Ferns and wildlife abound on this path. Pink blaze.

L. Cliff Tr 2* 0.25 mi. Short and rocky, this trail takes you under the large rocky cliff of Bald Knob and by remnants of an old stone wall. White blaze.

M. Moonstomper Tr 5* 1.1 mi. This rocky and challenging trail passes large boulders and beech tree stands along the ridgeline. Orange blaze.

N. Bear Cliff Tr 4* 2.0 mi. Elev. change 210'. This rocky trail along the ridge crosses on to Mtn Lake Biological Station property- NO BIKES OR PETS on MLBS property- to an overlook near deep crevices. Yellow blaze.

O. Bear Cliff Connector 5* 0.25 mi. Elev. change 165'. Climb or descend the very steep and rocky route up the side of the ridge to Bear Cliff Tr. Green blaze.

P. Chestnut Lodge Connector 3* 0.1 mi. Short and narrow connector path. Green blaze.

Q. Homestead Tr 4* 1.75 mi. Elev. change 615'. This challenging path takes the hiker or biker through mature hardwood forests and the remnants of two homestead sites. Pink blaze.

R. John's Creek Tr 3* 0.6 mi. Veer off the Homestead trail to stroll along the creek and thick rhododendron. Yellow blaze.

S. Bald Knob Rd 2* 1 mi. Elevation gain 375'. Wide, gravel road up the ridge to the most popular overlook on the trail system. A nice alternative to the steep trail. No blaze.

T. Homestead Connector 1* 0.3 mi. Explore the rocky outcrop to the south side of the knob to gaze east towards Blacksburg. Blue blaze.

U. Girls Camp Rd 1* 0.85 mi. Wide, gravel road used by vehicles to access Blueberry Ridge. No blaze.

V. Salt Lick Spur 1* 0.1 mi. A grassy overlook towards Lodge and Bald Knob. No blaze.

X. Barn Connector 1* 0.25 mi. Elev. Change 210'. A short path connecting the Indian Trail to Salt Pond Stables. Green blaze.