Falling Water Cascades, Flat Top Mountain, Harkening Hills Trails

9.8 miles, moderate terrain
30 miles from Roanoke, $2.50 carpool fee

The hike is located in Botetourt and Bedford Counties. It will start at Falling Water Cascades parking just off the Blue Ridge Parkway and will descend down to the Falling Water Cascades waterfalls and ascend back up to the parkway to the trailhead of Flat Top Mountain. It will follow Flat Top Mountain Trail to the Peaks of Otter picnic area, the road to Abbott Lake, then go around the lake past the lodge and under the BRPW to the trail to Harkening Hill. It will go by the Johnson Farm continuing to the summit of Harkening Hill and end up at the parking area of the Country Store and Museum. This hike offers a waterfall, a side trip to Cross Rock (an unusual rock formation near the top of Flat Top Mountain), beautiful views from the summit of Flat Top Mountain, Abbott Lake, the historical Johnson Farm and views from the summit of Harkening Hill.