Andy Layne to Daleville 113-mile Hike #3

11 or 13 miles moderate terrain
0-miles drive, 11 mile shuttle, $1.00 carpool fee

There are four options for this hike:with or without Tinker Cliffs and either direction.
The preferred direction is to start at the Andy Layne trail so the steepest part is done climbing.

Meet at the Daleville Commuter lot, leave the shuttle cars, and proceed to the Andy Layne trailhead parking lot on VA-779.

Andy Layne to Daleville direction
It begins with a stiff uphill on the Andy Layne Trail to Scorched Earth Gap where there is a sign. Here we decide whether to go up to Tinker Cliffs before continuing on to Daleville. We will overlook Carvin's Cove and the Catawba Valley as we pass Lamberts Meadow and Angel's Gap before eventually coming to Hay Rock. The 800-foot descent is on well-graded trail which is kind to the knees. and then a scenic ridge walk overlooking Carvins Cove, before gently descending Tinker Mountain.

Daleville to Andy direction
It begins with an 800 foot climb up Tinker Mountain to Hay Rock, and then goes along a scenic ridge overlooking Carvins Cove passing Angel's Gap and Lambert's Meadow. At the Scorched Earth Gap saddle, marked with a sign, we decide whether to continue on up to the cliffs. when we return to the saddle we take a steep descent down the Andy Layne trail to the parking lot on 779.