Dody Ridge

About 9 miles, strenuous terrain
15-mile drive, $1.50 Carpool Fee

Located in Bedford County near Montvale, Dody Ridge has suffered a couple of fires at the north end in the past 10 years. This lends itself to great views of Roanoke and the valley to the south, the Blue Ridge to the west, and the Peaks and Apple Orchard Mountain to the northeast. On a really clear day, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and glimmers of the Arctic Ocean to the north can be seen. Ha! The hike follows an old stage coach route, passes the site of a 18th century tavern and live stock pond, passes through the Day Creek area, and ascends the ridge for several miles of ridge hiking. Midway along the ridge, we will do an out and back up an unnamed trail to the Great Valley Overlook. This will either be a loop hike or require a short car shuttle depending on whether the parkway is closed at that time.