Sinking Creek to Lee Hollow 113 Mile Hike #8

10.4 miles, Moderate terrain
18 miles from Roanoke, ? shuttle, $2.00 carpool fee

Located in Craig County, the hike climbs up Sinking Creek Mountain, then follows the ridge where rock piles and old apple trees remain from the days when even the top of the mountain was farmed. Several slanted rocks offer views of Craig Creek Valley and the mountains beyond. The hike starts with a 1,200' ascent of Sinking Creek Mountain. At 0.5 miles the trail passes the giant Keffer Oak, a very large, historic tree. At 1.9 miles the ridgeline of the mountain is reached. Most of the rest of the hike is along the crest of the mountain, with views of Craig Creek Valley to the right. At 3.2 miles the blue blazed trail to Sarver Cabin Shelter is reached. At 9.5 miles pass the Niday Shelter and continue descent on trail to Route 621.