Sawtooth Ridge, Dragon's Tooth & Cove Mountain 113-Mile Hikes #5 & #6

McAfee Parking to Trout Creek (Rt. 620)
2 miles from the Orange Market + 7-mile shuttle, $1.00 carpool fee
13 miles strenuous terrain

The hike starts at the McAfee Trailhead parking lot near VA-311 & VA-864. It follows the roller coaster Sawtooth Ridge, with views of Fort Lewis Mountain on the left and Cove Mountain and North Mountain on the right. The hike continues over Sandstone Ridge and then begins the strenuous climb to Dragonís Tooth, which offers great, near 360-degree views. The hike will then follows Cove Mountain, descending to the Trout Creek trailhead at VA-620.

Catawba to Trout Creek