Dragonís Tooth from VA-624

5.5 miles, strenuous terrain
9.5 miles from the Orange Market, no shuttle, $1.00 carpool

The trail to Dragon's Tooth ascends steep, rugged outcrops of quartzite, which form the spine of Cove Mountain. The Tooth consists of spires of Tuscarora quartzite, which outcrop on the top of Cove Mountain. The tallest tooth projects roughly 35 feet above the surrounding rock.A difficult hike, Dragon's Tooth summit offers magnificent views of nearby and distant peaks year-round.

This will be an out and back hike starting on route 624. The hike will ascend 1,100 feet to Dragon's Tooth, a rock monolith with good views of the Catawba valley. Along the way will be several other viewpoints, including Rawie's Rest and Viewpoint Rock.