Apple Orchard Falls, Cornelius Creek Loop 5.7 miles, moderate terrain
29 miles from Daleville, $3.00 carpool fee

Take I-81 N 18 miles to exit 168 Go right on VA-614.
Follow signs to North Creek Campground
Turn left on VA-59
After crossing North Creek, VA-59 continues into FS-768
When FS-768 Ts into FS-812, go right'
Park in the cul-de-sac, where you'll see the trail head.

After you park, take the blue-blazed trail to the left; this is Apple Orchard Falls Trail. Youíll follow the trail for about 2 miles until you reach the falls. The hike up to the falls is shaded and serene, with the gurgling North Creek to guide you. Thereís a large wooden bridge and platform by the falls where you can stop to enjoy the scenery and rest a bit.

Most of the trail up to the falls is fairly flat with gradual inclines. When you start to reach the falls, the trail gets a bit steeper and quite rocky. But the boulders act as stepping stones that make your trek up to the falls pretty easy. After you get to the falls, youíll continue on around and over the falls, where the trail continues to get even steeper. The forestry service has built wooden steps to make the climb a bit easier. After about a quarter of a mile, youíll reach Apple Orchard Falls Road. Turn right here and follow the road for about a mile until you reach the Cornelius Creek Trail (watch for the wooden sign).

You'll follow Cornelius Creek Trail along the creek for a little over two miles until you get back to the parking area. This last leg of the hike is a really pretty part. The trail follows the creek with many pools until it comes back down to the parking lot. Orchard Falls.pdf